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teutopress focusses on the production of pictures of VIPs, on celebreties of all kinds. You will find stars from the cinema, television or other media as well as the important persons behind the scenes, politicians as well as managers, artists as well as athletes. According to requirements and topic we provide you close-ups, half- and full-length portraits, homestories and studio productions.

Furthermore, teutopress produces versatile feature and symbol pictures on everyday topics such as waste separation, alcohol at work, wave of influenza or gasoline prices, problems with craftsmen or consulting the oculist.

In addition, we offer a constantly increasing repertoire of exotic as well as typical motives from all over the world in case you want to illustrate your travel report. There are photos of the country and its people, culture and nature from Amazonas to Zimbabwe. Whether Cologne or Kalkutta, we love to photograph on your demand!

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